The AltKuznets Portable Gender Land Rights Strategy

  The AltKuznets Portable Gender Land Rights Strategy               PRASAD RAO, PHD PENNSTATE, DIRECTOR         Copyright Docket: 952/2024-CO/L   ALTKUZNETS SUSTAINABILITY ADVISORS PVT LTD     Disclaimer: AltKuznets is a GST-enrolled, MCA-registered Private, Liability-limited firm headed by a DIN-issued PhD Director. AltKuznets prefers to interact & transact either directly, or thru its pre-accredited Associates. Its copyrighted, IPR-protected products are in the form of outcome-focused designs & proposals that predict, but do not guarantee outcomes, or returns. AltKuznets claims absolute and perpetual ownership rights to its products, ideas and derivatives in all forms globally, and intends to vigorously protect its IPR, Copyright Rights in all contexts and spheres of activity within and beyond its registered jurisdiction. AltKuznets inures itself from social, legal and fina

The AltKuz FlexCap Derivative Strategy : A Superior Alternative to the Net Zero!

      The AltKuz FlexCap Derivative Strategy : A Superior Alternative to the Net Zero!     Copyright File: 28679/2023-CO/L     Prasad G. Rao, MTech, PhD PennState Director, AltKuznets Sustainability Advisors       COP may come and COP may go, but Climate Change, or more precisely, the Climate Crisis, is here to stay ….. and worsen! We have tried ‘em all – Fuel Quota, Carbon Taxes, Carbon Permits, NDCs, and yet all that we may credibly claim as success is Renewable Technology. And that too, at a scale and a pace that doesn’t shrink the price of Electricity!   It is inane school math that enlarging the Renewable Market Share of an expanding Economic Pie yet permits of increments to Fossil Fuel Sales, EPS and PE! And those, in turn, imply continuing Fossil fuel Investments in Drilling, Refining, Transportation and ICE Vehicles – investments that portend a continu


Prasad Rao, PhD Director INTRODUCTION The advent of internet, digital financial instruments and online trading platforms has opened a large set of opportunities and issues. Specifically, the rapid & unregulated growth of the online consumer economy, that incremented environmental externalities associated with production, packaging, transportation, consumption and disposal, has remained largely unregulated. This owes to the fact the online platform is an assemblage of many producers, many Retailers, and many consumers, each who are diffusely distributed over a large aerial extent, consequent to which there is both a diffused remote violator and a free rider problem. As trade links deepen and incomes expand, such consumerism is likely to expand, and exacerbate multi-media pollution. It, hence, turns necessary to conceive of a strategy that not only encompasses the enormity of the digital world, but also addresses the complexity from the diffused nature of

The HPMRA: Resolving the Medical Plastics Wastes Conundrum

Prasad Rao, MTech PhD PennState Director, AltKuznets Sustainability Advisors Disclaimer :  This commercial design, abstracted from on a longer manuscript ( Download Abstract here ), is copyrighted vide L-132171/2023. The following is an abstract meant to inform the Public of the design and associated commercial opportunities. Introduction The raging Pandemic, with a worldwide mortality toll in the Millions, and consequent social and economic fallout, has exposed the vulnerability of a Per-capita Economy, and brought many a Societies, Nations, Governments to their knees. The high priority accorded health and hygiene has turned Bio-medical Plastics and other disposables a necessary evil to the human society, and particularly so in times such as the COVID Pandemic when Medical Plastics have expanded in use, and comprise an increasingly larger share of waste disposed. Consequently, and though Medical Plastics and other bio-medical waste generation has multip