Real Prerogatives, Nominal Democracy, and ….. Social Sustainability?


Real Prerogatives, Nominal Democracy, and ….. Social Sustainability?



Prasad Rao, MTech, PhD

Director, AltKuznets Sustainability Advisors


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It’s a wonderful world they say… perhaps a fantastic Universe too. But the Universe is all of 9 Dimensions, so how do we reconcile the Nominal Democracy that operates in the 3G3D space around us? This apparently, is an esoteric issue that bears no relevance to the Sustainability theme that AltKuznets is staked in… or is it? Most all of us are aware Sustainability is dichotomized in to the Environmental and the Social. And Social Sustainability is all about Democracy and Egalitarian Rights. How then do we reconcile the 9D Galactic with Religion-Real, and the Real-Religion with the Nominal Democracy that operates in the 3G3D? And how could we ensure Citizens of the Nominal Democracy turn in their Real Status-sourced Prerogatives to get the wheel of Democracy moving from the Real muck all around? Must one must adopt an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ story to elucidate the former, before leaning on ‘Jack the Horner’ to solve the latter? If so necessary.

And so Alice fell in to a trance, and witnessed the absolute truth of the 9D Universe as a Vega Alien wielded a ‘9D Sustainability OC Private Axe’, to claim a ‘Green 9D OC’ Universe, leaving behind a ‘6G6D AO Unsustainable Public Bakey’ ‘Religion Universe’. But a ‘Public Bakey’ Religion was neither a viable proposition, nor a universal presence. Notwithstanding centuries of Torture, Non-Believers cut the ‘6G6D Religion AO Public Bakey’ Religion cake with an ‘ND[1] Private ZS Hierarchical Axe’ to obtain an ‘ND 6G6D Public-Private Mirror’ and a ‘3G3D Private-Public 3G3D Egalitarian Society’. In fact, Modern day Democracy, that so enthralled Alice, owes its existence to the foresighted Cleisthenes and John Locke.

Yet in deep slumber, Alice dreamt the Public lined up to vote. It was, Hooray!, Election Day in the modern-day Democracy. But voting citizens would rather not give up Real Prerogatives issued by Religion against their Social Status, and which’d necessarily be turned in for the democratically-elected Government to issue them egalitarian (Infrastructural) Rights. But no amount of campaign cajoling or music would budge the ‘ego-high’ Public to renounce their prerogatives so necessary to put down the pesky Neighbour, the stag, or the ‘all-too-ubiquitous’ member of Minority. And so it turned necessary for the Government to seek a means of ensuring voting citizens did turn in their Real Prerogatives. The clouds rumbled, Alice woke up, rubbed her eyes in disbelief, and walked away. In came …. Jack the Horner!

And what did he pull out from the Democracy ‘Fudge Fake’? A Real Tola Coin! Real Tola Coins – Non-tradable Gold coins stamped with a larger Societal or Galactic Cause, that could serve as a tool to encapsulate Real Prerogatives held by Status-differentiated Citizens. Such Coins, issued by the Democracy Bond-Election Commission on the FV Gold Collateral maintained by the ‘Aadhar-Mint Status-Precinct Land Status Bank’, and issued Citizens on the day Election were announced, would be required to be turned in at the Ballot box prior the Vote. Those Collateral-issued Tola Coins, deemed to record each Citizen’s Real Prerogatives, could then be post-processed through a Democracy Bond to aggregate those Real Prerogatives to the Precinct Tier, and amalgamate them with ‘Political Bond Gold Collateral’ where the imbued information would motivate ‘public prerogative-attenuating’ Private Bond transactions engaged in by participating political members. But it’d require quite some logistics to arrange their distribution, return, collation and accounting post deposition with the Ballot. Surely, there’d be a better answer in this age of Digital Finance?

Blessed be Jack’s Holy Angels, there was! Many nations around the world instituted a Social Security Administration to ensure minimum egalitarian rights were issued its Citizens. Aadhar, instituted as an (funded) Act of the Parliament, was embellished with a computerised Private database of Real Social Status and Nominal Identity. Presuming the Aadhar-SSA-Precinct LSB held ‘Mint 6G6G Prudential ‘Pre’ - Sovereign 6G3D Future - Precinct 3G6D Real Egalitarian FV - Landlord 3D3D Status ZS PV - Democracy Collateral PV Gold’, facilitates a digital interpretation of the Tola Coin particularly amenable to the problem at hand. The Aadhar, on request the ‘Democracy Bond-Election Commission, would issue a fraction of its ‘Democracy Collateral PV Gold’ toward the issue of ‘Political Cycle Gold’ and ‘Digital Tola’. Whereas ‘Political Cycle Gold’, obtained by PV-monetizing ‘Democracy FV Gold’ against ‘Religion Morals ZS OE Fractal’ at the Political Bond would fund Campaign Volatility in its transactions, the BV-ZS Mirror-FV Digital Tola Coins would be distributed uniquely to each voting Citizen. Put differently, the Aadhar-Precinct LSB-released ‘Democracy Collateral PV Gold’ would be stepped down to ‘Political Cycle FV-Candidate Compete PV-Religion Morals ZS Volatility Gold’ and ‘Public Prerogatives BV-ZS Mirror-Private Privilege FV’ Digital Tola ‘Fractal Coin’ – a uniquely-numbered, non-tradable Digital Currency that could be further associated uniquely with Voter ID in its database. Those Digital Tola Coins, characterized by a ‘Public Prerogative BV-Religion Morals ZS Mirror-Private Privilege FV’ attribute, could be digitized and transmitted as an encrypted SMS to all Vote-eligible Citizen on the day elections were announced. That uniquely-identified, undeletable, Citizen-specific Digital Fractal Coin, would on account its ZS Mirror nature, and during its residence on the Citizen’s SIM, cumulate ‘Public Local PQ 3G3D Status Prerogative ToBes’ and ‘Private RoW 6D LQ Privilege FV Fractals’ and store them supra the SIM. Post depositing their Ballots in ‘Private ZS’, Citizens would retain their Private LQ Privileges, even as the SIM-dominating Public Prerogatives were ‘scalped’ by the Election Commission from each Citizen with the recall of the Digital Fractal Coin in to its digital repository filed with the Democracy Bond. The Democracy Bond could thereafter aggregate the Digital Tola Fractal Currency across Citizens, and prefer a ‘Bullion Public Infrastructure Redux’ of those Public Prerogatives en-masse at the altar of Egalitarian Rights by leveraging them toward monetization of ‘Public Infrastructure FV Gold’ to ‘Infrastructure FVPV Capital’. Citizens, nominally denied their Private Privileges from the day of announcement of Elections until the Ballot day, and who must cede Real Public Prerogatives recorded by the Digital Fractal Currency in to their SIM, would upon depositing their Vote in Private ZS, regain their Private Privileges for the duration of the elected Government.

Under this design, the Political Government, that monetized Public Infrastructure projects on the promise of egalitarian equal access, may query the Democracy Bond as regards Real Prerogatives deposited by residents of any particular Precinct prior favoring them with egalitarian infrastructural investments. So conceived and executed, participatory Democracy would flourish across all sections of the society, and bring Status and Prerogative-unfettered Egalitarian rights to Technology-sourced infrastructural facilities, and Private LQ to all citizens.

On her way back, Alice found Jack the Horner holding his thumb with a Private plum. Not that it deterred her from the Public Pie !

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[1] Non-denominational


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